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I am so glad you have taken this step to learn more about outsourcing your editing! 

This is a unique one-on-one service that will allow you to have more time to focus on your business or spend time with the ones you love. All you need is Lightroom and Dropbox to get started and I will guide you through the process step-by-step. You will work with me every time and I will learn your style through anchor images that you provide for me. My goal is to match the anchor images you give me and edit the gallery just as if you were doing them yourself! I will do my very best to adhere to your workflow to make sure your clients get their images back in a timely fashion. There will be feedback and communication throughout the entire process​​ and I always welcome any notes that my photographers provide. I charge per image, so you know exactly how much my services will cost ahead of time. See below for an outline of the exact process we would go through together! 

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At the beginning of each quarter, I have all of my clients schedule editing appointments through my scheduling system. Making appointments will help confirm my availability for your galleries as well as help me provide a more accurate turn around time for each catalog. 

schedule editing appointments


Photograph the wedding and and cull the images, you've got this part down! I do offer culling services for an extra charge if necessary, but I do prefer that photographers cull their own galleries if possible. 



Choose about 5% - 7% of the images from the wedding to edit. Most photographers choose the images they want to share as a sneak peak or images they want to blog. These anchor images are SO important because this is the roadmap I need to edit the gallery just as if you were doing it yourself. 



We will use Lightroom Smart Previews and dropbox to transfer the catalogs back and forth. I have step-by-step directions that make this part of the process super simple.

Transfer your Images


I will edit the photos and return them to you within 14 days from your editing appointment. If you need something returned sooner, I offer a rush fee and you can get it returned within 3-5 days of paying that fee. Once I return the images to you, you will import the edits into your original gallery, then export and send off the photos to your clients! 

editing the images

-one red door photography

""Working with Darcy is one of the best decisions our business ever made. Now instead of wasting time doing the tedious things like color correcting and cropping, we can focus on growing our business. Since we started outsourcing our editing, our business has increased 40%! "

-Marisa Lyon photography

""Darcy has made my life so much easier. I wouldn't be able to maintain my business at its current volume without her. I truly appreciate all her hard work and dedication to helping my business to succeed. She made the process SO easy and was extremely helpful with all questions along the way as I got used to the process. I am so excited to have her as an integral part of my team in the coming year. "

- Amanda celis photography

"Darcy gave me my life back! I was able to spend fall with my family this year, which NEVER happens. She matches my editing style perfectly, has a quick turnaround, responds to e-mails promptly and kindly—and is an all-around pleasure to work with!"

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